Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players

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This post is for those players who are not interested in playing the game. And they hate to play the game. So here are the Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players. 

Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players

Highly Addictive

This is a highly addictive game that allows the players to fall under the effects of its magic. Once you start playing this game, then there is no chance that you can leave the game without completing it. Further, in many countries, the players of the game fall under the age of 16 the parents make complaints about their children playing the game all the time. And they don’t even bother to tend to their studies or listen to them while playing this game. 

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Any Player Not getting ready

When the players start the game with other players, it might be possible that the other players are not ready to play the game. However, the players have to customize their game, and during the gameplay, the players cannot grab the game’s tricks. Therefore, the players have to start the game as early as possible. 

Players Getting Lag

The other hated thing that the mini militia players face is lagging while playing the game. The active players in the game can quickly kill the other players due to getting lag. However, many players take time to rejoin the game. Those players who are in pause are helpless during the gameplay. 

Hackers or Cheaters

Many things make the players unhappy while playing the game. However, many players use the hacked version of the game, which irritates them. Therefore, the hacked version has unlimited guns, jetpacks, and snipers. Due to the hacked version, the players can quickly win the game compared to genuine players. Therefore, the players may not know about the hacked players, and they play with sports spirit. When players know that the other player has hacked one, they prefer to quit the game. However, the players find it challenging to play the genius game because many tasks are impossible to do. However, the players become fed up with these hackers. 

Getting to play in places where they did not prefer

In the game, there are different places to play for players. While sometimes, the players may not get their favorite place to play the game. Therefore, the game offers a voting system for the place. If the player gets many votes, they can take their favorite place. Otherwise, they are out of their comfort zone, hurting the players. Therefore, every player wants to win the game by using their favorite place to fight with other players.

Accidentally falling off the cliff 

Sometimes, the players fall from the cliff and die when they play the game. The credit goes to the opponents, and they get points in this situation. It is the most awkward situation for the players because the opponents get kill points without effort. 

Rushing to take a gun 

The other most hated situation in the game is when the player plays the match, and their gun runs out of ammo. However, they have to find the other guns instantly to win the game. The most hated situation comes when the player finds the gun, but it has no ammo. 

Players leaving the game

When the players leave the game without a special reason, the other players get rid of the game. In this situation, the players lose their control and quit the game. 

Falling and dying on proximity mines

The most hated thing in the game is getting killed in the proximity mines. However, the funniest thing is that the pit might place by ourselves. Therefore, it makes us even angrier.

Losing Internet connection

The other issue while playing the game is losing the internet connection. The players have to stop the game in the middle of the gameplay, which irritates the players. However, the players get rid of gameplay when they can not continue the game because of a week’s internet connection. Therefore, they have to wait for a smooth connection and then set up the game from the beginning. 

Losing the Skill Points

The other situation that the players hate is not getting the skill points. The players have many kills but do not have skill points. Therefore the players have to focus on skill points to emphasize kill points. There is another issue while playing the game. When the game is about to end, the players and the modded version hackers of the match start leaving the game at the last minute. The players who are getting the game with high scores will have empty hands in the end. Due to this feature, the gamers cannot claim the battle points gathered during the gameplay. 

Time is not defined

While playing this mini militia game, the most hated part of the game is that when you are playing the game in offline mode. There are no time limitations. You have to complete the game and kill the dragon without any stipulated time. While when it comes to the online version of the game, players have to kill the dragon in an anticipated time. This is the most exciting part. And then the gameplay during the offline mode is boring. 


The overall game is based on 2D graphics. These graphics are attractive and straightforward. But when it comes to comparing the game with other games, the graphics of the game fall short of their league. Even the developers of the game kept the theme of the game simple. And the graphics of the game are simple as they used to be when the game was first launched. 


There are tons of ads that come while playing this game. More and more people are getting fed up with this feature. Although in the modded version of the game, you won’t be able to see these ads as the developers of the game have fixed the bugs for advertisements. But when it comes to the standard version of the game players have to face these ads from time to time. 


We tried our best to bring you the Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players. Although we have added much more than that. But in general, the main points that the players don’t like to see in the game are mentioned above in the article. We hope you have liked the game and our article if you are not a fan of Mini Militia.

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