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App NameMMSuperPatcher Apk
DeveloperKuldip Patel
GenreLive Patcher
Size6 MB
Google PlayMini Militia

The best multiplayer combat game is, without a doubt, Mini Militia. MMSuperPatcher is a hack that can help you excel in the game by using your skills if you don’t use other methods. The other methods for playing the game include using hacks and cheats. You can boost your ranking in two different ways. If you wish to shortcut, you can use MM Super Patcher or practically make your skillfully while playing the game.

For this reason, we bring you the Download MMSuperPatcher Apk v2.3 hack feature that would allow you to enjoy the best features of the game. Using this amazing application, you’ll have access to dozens of unique features that are unavailable in other apps. If you are not using hacks while playing the game, it’s quite difficult for you to compete with professional players. These players have extensive gameplay experience that, let alone, won’t let you survive in the game for more than seconds. 

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With the MMSuperPatcher app, this is not the case. By using this application, you will be able to benefit from numerous features and benefits of the game during the gameplay. Additionally, these are amazing hacks that are available for the players to enjoy. These hacks include unlimited ammo, multiple lives, dual guns, unlimited nitro, no reloads, and faster gameplay. 

It is one of the best mods for Mini Militia. Thousands of gamers are using it to get access to numerous benefits. If you want to enjoy these features right from the beginning of the game, then you should definitely get this seamless application. Before using the app, make sure to take a look at its features, which is why it’s so popular.

MMSuperPatcher Apk

Features For Download MMSuperPatcher Apk v2.3

Here is the list of the features that you are going to enjoy while playing the Mini Militia game using this MMSuperPatcher app.

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Death Sprayer
  • Zoom uptown 7x
  • Dual Gun
  • Commander in Chief
  • Magic melee punch
  • Unlimited Health
  • Secondary and primary gun selector
  • QpMod server selector. (Phoenix Mod)
  • Unlimited Battle Points (Phoenix Mod)
  • Primary and secondary bomb selector
  • Instant weapons spawn
  • No, reload
  • Unlimited flying power
  • 360° Firing in all guns (should be used in death Sprayer)
  • Walking speed ( you can set the speed of walking)
  • Special Player speed (Phoenix mod)
  • Hide from Proxy Bomb (Phoenix mod)
  • Dual Gun on spawn (Phoenix Mod)
  • Bullet per shot
  • Faking skills level
  • Any map
  • Hide your weapons (Phoenix Mod)
  • Kill teammate
  • Instant health fill
  • Range increaser
  • Custom symbol (Android, iOS, kindle fire, and Windows)
  • Any bomb from a rocket launcher
  • Speed mod
  • EMP Damage (You will get a reward when you hit the EMP)
  • Bullet speed mod
  • Attach proxy anywhere
  • Special proxy bomb (Phoenix Mod)
  • Die by guns only
  • Die by bombs only
  • Any bomb from a saw gun
  • All store items unlock
  • Any bomb from the mirror launcher
  • Machete thrower (Phoenix Mod)
  • Pro pack unlock
  • No gravity
  • Fire thrower (Phoenix mod)
  • All weapon’s laser
  • Any map on multiplayer
  • Sarge’s weapon

This is the complete list of features that you are going to enjoy while playing your favorite game. These features in the list encompass every step of the game and let you win the game against the elite class of professional players if you use them wisely.

Benefits For Playing With Download Mmsuperpatcher Apk V2.3

Here are some of the benefits of using this Mini Militia MMSuperPatcher app. 

  • The game is compatible with the official Mini Militia game.
  • Mods make the game easier with a wide variety of options.
  • Rooting your phone is not necessary.
  • As well as hiding your weapon, you can conceal your location.
  • As the MM Super Patcher app is not connected to original servers, it is safe for use.
  • 4.0.11 and newer versions of Mini Militia are supported.
  • An easy-to-use program

The installation process for Download MMSuperPatcher Apk v2.3

Here in this step, we will share the complete downloading process for the app. This process will allow you to successfully download the app on your smartphone and let you enjoy the unlimited possibilities of features during the gameplay. 

  • The first step for downloading this app is to click on the link that mentions downloading the MM Super Patcher apk
  • This is the latest version for Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 v 4.0.42
  • In the next step, you have to installthe app on your device. 
  • After that, you have to install the Mini Militia game version 4.0.42 on your smartphone. 
  • Allow your smartphone in the settings menu by allowing the download from Unknown sources
  • Now open the MM Super Patcher app
  • There is a Live patch feature in the options. 
  • Allow permission to the app by enabling it. 
  • Now clicking the Launch Live Patcher option
  • There is an icon of K on the desktop of your smartphone
  • By clicking on the icon, you will let yourself start the game in the modded version. 
  • By entering into the app
  • You will select the mods that you would like to play with 
  • And hence with this enjoy the gameplay.



MM Super Patcher is the best way to hack Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2. You can enable mods while you play using the Live Patch feature. Everyone loves this patcher because it allows you to hack Mini Militia. With this Download MMSuperPatcher Apk v2.3, you will be able to enjoy unlimited features of the game that let alone help you win the game. Further, this app lets you enjoy the modded features that you have never seen or experienced before. 

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