Mini Militia Maps – Here Are The Most Popular 15 For Seamless Gameplay

Various parts of the world love the Mini Militia game, which is still one of the most played games. Android users flock to play this seamless game. Due to the Android version release, the Mini Militia game has gained more users, even though it was first released for iOS.

Mini Militia Maps

This game has been gaining popularity since 2011. Players are usually called Minimilitians when they play Mini Militia Maps. When connected to WiFi, players can fight online with up to six players, while on their own, they can fight together with up to 12 other players in a network. In addition, Players have upgraded the game with different features and tools to win more and enjoy playing the game.

Mini Militia Maps

Here is the Mini Militia Map list that comes with the game allowing the players to enjoy the gameplay.

  • Bottleneck
  • Outpost
  • High Tower
  • Subdivision
  • No Escape
  • Pyramid
  • Crossfire
  • Lunarcy
  • Icebox 
  • Overseer
  • So long
  • Snowblind
  • Cliff hanger
  • Suspension
  • Catacombs


Bottle neck

As the name implies, the map resembles a bottleneck, namely broad in the bottom section and narrow in the top section. Short guns hold the advantage on this map.



The mini militia map has been played the most. It’s a type of limited map between two posts that you can play. Going beyond the post will result in a loss of life.

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High Tower

High tower map

Quickplay battles are pretty famous on this mini militia map. There are several high towers on this map. Due to its long-range, sniper and laser are the primary weapons in this map.


Sub division

Subdivision got the name because it has two closed maps separated by a path. Mini militia maps are the least popular.

No Escape

No escape

Combining high towers in the middle with subdivision maps at the ends, this map is a lot of fun to play. And it’s one of the best maps of the campaign.



We are on the moon, so the nitro is unlimited on this map. This is the best mini militia map in a lot of players’ opinions. My favorite weapon is the laser.


ice box

X2 Nitro is drawn on this map. The flight time on this map is eight seconds. Almost all of the boxes on this map have a rectangular shape. To cope with this, you will need high-ammunition, long-range guns, such as the Ak47.



The gameplay takes place on a floating unit, and there are many flying units on this map. A mini militia map features short guns and rocket launchers as pro-guns.

So Long

So Long

You are welcome to this loop mini militia map. A certain distance is the maximum distance at which the pattern of the maps repeats. In this map, the pro-gun is the rocket launcher.


Snow Blind

X4 nitro is used in this mini militia map, as with normal maps. Many trees are present on this map, making it an excellent place to hide. The best weapon would be a long-range one like the animal sniper.



A large pyramid structure can be seen in this mini militia map. There is no doubt that we are going to play within it. There is no denying that the short gun is an excellent weapon for the map.


Cross Fire

It resembles a series of x-shaped paths connecting different locations. The gun here resembles that of a flamethrower. The map here is also looped. After a distance, the pattern repeats. Long-term players will find this helpful map.



This is the newly released map. Several Cliffhangers are present on this map. The stems connect them together. A new gun has also been added to this map. Custom games are most often played on this map.



There is nothing complicated about this map. Every machine part is the same. Various obstacles can be encountered here and there. A single bar connects a total of 3 units. On this map, you will find all basic guns.



Here are the most popular mini militia maps. They are prevalent because of their beautiful guns. Moreover, the center spot allows the players to fire their weapons in all four directions.


Here are the most popular and enchanted Mini Militia Maps. These maps are the most famous and well-known and preferred by the players. These maps come with unlimited features that allow the players to enjoy the gameplay. In addition, the gameplay with these maps offers some of the stunning features that make the players love the game more. 

With each map, you will enjoy the perfect features of the game that comes with them. And each map has different attributes of gameplay from others.

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