Mini Militia v3.0.47 In-App Mod Selector by KMods (Unlimited health and ammo) 2023

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Mini Militia kmod apk is an amazing app that lets you select which in-app mods you want to use. I recommend this app to Mini Militia users who want to mod their Mini Militia game.


  1. If you have installed Mini Militia Any versions then you must uninstall those versions of Mini Militia.
  2. Any Patcher will not work.
  3. After downloading and installing you must try to test because this will not work on some devices.

Features for In-App Mod Selector by Mini Militia kmod apk:

  1. The ability to select mods in-app without root access.
  2. The ability to change mods in-app.
  3. A variety of important mods were added.
Mini Militia kMOD Apk

Change Log:

  • New Design for easy practice.
  • The most important crash fix is caused by Moving images and advertisement bugs.

Mods for In-App Mod Selector by KMods:

Mini Militia Mods for In-App Mod Selector by KMods are:

  1. Unlocked Propack: All features of the pro pack are unlocked and available to use.
  2. Store Item Purchased: All store items have been purchased and are available to use.
  3. Unlimited Flying Power: This will allow you to fly as much as you can.
  4. One-Shot Kill: You can shoot an opponent in a single shot.
  5. Unlimited Ammo: You have an unlimited supply of ammo, so you never need to reload.
  6. No Reload: Reloading is not necessary, so you can keep firing without interruption.
  7. All Weapon Laser Sight: A laser sight is available for all weapons, making it easier to aim.
  8. IOS Symbol: The iOS symbol is replaced with a Mini Militia logo.
  9. Commander in Chief Mod: You are the commander in chief, with all the power and authority that entails.
  10. Speed Hack: Your speed is increased, making it easier to outrun opponents.
  11. Bullet Speed Hack: The speed of your bullets is increased, making it easier to hit targets.
  12. Range Increaser: The range of your weapons is increased, allowing you to hit targets from further away.
  13. 7x Zoom For All Guns: All guns have a 7x zoom, making it easier to hit distant targets.

What Is Mini Militia kMod Apk?

Mini Militia kMod Apk is a modified version of the Mini Militia game that allows users to access additional features and benefits not available in the original game. Mini Militia kMod Apk provides users with an unfair advantage over other players by giving them access to unlimited resources, such as ammo and health. While this may make the game more enjoyable for some players, it can also be seen as cheating and could ruin the Mini Militia experience for others.

Is Kmods supporting android 10?

As of right now, kMod Apk is not supporting Android 10. Mini Militia is currently the only game that is playable with kMod Apk on android 10. We are working hard to add support for more games, but we do not have an estimated time frame for when this will be completed.

How to Download and Install kMods?

  1. Install kmods from the below download link.
  2. Open SuperPatcher.
  3. Allow all runtime permissions.
  4. Press the Button, to patch the game.
  5. Select mods and it will apply without doing anything.
  6. Now press the close button and enjoy.

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