Mini Militia Death Sprayer Unlimited Nitro, Zoom, Death Sprayer, Health, No Reload, And One-Shot Kills

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App NameMini Militia All in One Mod APK
Size43 MB
Google Play

If you are a Mini Militia player, you search for Mini Militia Death Sprayer. Here is the perfect modded version of the app that brings you to play unlimited features for free. Here you can get it all. Today, You have to defeat six other players in a two-dimensional multi-player shooting game and earn it by scoring the most kills. Choosing your gun and then shooting your enemies is all you need to do. This intense multiplayer 2D shooting game will send adrenaline rushing through your body.

Introduction to Mini Militia Death Sprayer

After being released on the web servers, the Mini Militia Death Sprayer has gained a lot of popularity. Innumerable rockets can be launched in fractions of a second with the only Mini Militia mod. There are over 50 thousand unique visitors at a time who visit the QP server responsible for this mod. 

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Using a hotspot or Bluetooth, you can play this game with up to six friends online or 12 with your friends in person. You’ll be ready to fight as soon as you create your own mobile hotspot and invite your friends.

Mini Militia Death Sprayer

Features for Mini Militia Death Sprayer


This mod allows the players to launch all the weapons. However, there are automatic and semi-automatic weapons in the game.

Default Weapons

 Every time the players get a Saw cutter and Rocket Launcher. Therefore, dual wield has GUN’s default weapons Rockets, Saw Cutters, and Machete

One-shot kills

The player’s enemies suddenly die through a gun if they enable the option of this feature. However, the weapon fire 5 bullets per shot.

Pro pack unlocked

However, the players can get the pro pack with this mod and enjoy all the features. Therefore, the players can buy the pro pack from the Google Play Store and unlock all features.

Unlimited Ammo

This feature allows the players to have Unlimited Ammunition on all their weapons. Therefore, the players can continue gunfire without a time limit without refilling.

Unlimited Mines

The other main feature of the game is unlimited mine. Therefore, Pitch sensor mines and rockets travel in the air. At the same time, they travel as long as they do not find a place to stick.

Unlimited Nitro

In the game, Launching missiles from the ground is not attractive. Therefore, the game offers infinite JetPack. The players drift over the enemy all the time. Although sprig the rockets till the opponents down on the ground asking for mercy.

Unlimited zoom

For the fighting, the players have guns, and each weapon gets 7x zoom, including Saw Sprayer.

No, reload

One of the essential features of fighting is no need to reload the guns. However, the player can do Continues shots without reloading their weapon.

Additional Battle Points

 Through this feature, the players can also get some extra battle points. They may get more chances to win the game through these additional points.

Download Methods

The procedure to install this Mini Militia Death Sprayer correctly is straightforward. The players have to read the complete instruction related to Doodle Army 2. However, If the players do not follow the instructions, they get errors while installing the game. 

Mini Militia Death Sprayer 

The Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod apk gave Android Marshmallow (6.0.1), and Nought (7.0). Therefore, there are no problems reported. However, the Uncommon offsets were encountered when the rocket launcher’s primary weapon was rolled to Saw Cutter.

Unlimited health

To protect the players from rocket and cutter blades blasting, they must have unlimited health. Therefore, after downloading Sprayer Mod with Rocket Launcher, the players can get unlimited health free of cost. No Unlimited Health is provided to the players if they do not download the premium version of the game.

Unlimited store items

In the modded version of the game, there are some technical issues. For example, gun mag extender, fast reload, and jetpack items are useless because we got you covered. Therefore, the players are not able to unlock store items. However, the developer has added some battle points to obtain store items free of cost. Apart from this, the battle points are limited, so the players have to spend it cleverly. The developer added some of the best features of the Mini Militia Sprayer Mod. The players do not need to all store items purchased.

Other features

  • Mini Militia Machete sprayer
  • Saw sprayer
  • Sniper sprayer
  • Mini militia death sprayer unlimited health
  • Throw SAWS from hands
  • Sniper bullet range
  • Saw Cutter sprayer
  • Added death guns
  • Increase bullets speed

Android Requirements for Mini Militia Death Sprayer

Here are some of the salient features that are required for playing this Mini Militia Death Sprayer. 

  • Smartphones must have at least 512 MBs of RAM.
  • The game required 100 MBs of internal space on smartphones.
  • Internet connection is mandatory for the game to download. 
  • No unique protocols are required for installing this game on your smartphone. 

How to download Mini Militia Death Sprayer

Here is the complete process for downloading Mini Militia Death Sprayer.  

  1. Click the download button. 
  2. With this, you can download the game. 
  3. Enable download from unknown sources in the setting menu of your smartphone.  
  4. The downloaded file is in your storage. 
  5. Install the game by clicking it.
  6. Follow the instructions. 
  7. Enjoy the game



The Mini Militia servers will detect the Mini Militia Death Sprayer app as a modded version of the original game. Modified Mini Militia apps will automatically be placed on a dedicated server. And the name of the server is QP.Mod. this server has all the detection algorithms for all the modded versions of this Mini Militia. 

The app could have bypassed that server and been included in the regular server list (QP), but we didn’t do that instead. Neither standard nor moderated players would be concerned about hackers with this setup. released this mod solely to enjoy something different from the usual gameplay so that the different gameplay and features of the game attract a lot of other players as well.

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