How To Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face?

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The Mini Militia is the most famous and popular game of an era. Many individuals are playing this mini militia game. However, the game has exciting features. The most fantastic feature of the game is changing the character’s face. The mini militia developer amazingly customizes the skin of the given characters. With this feature now, you can answer the very question in demand nowadays: How To Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face. 

How To Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face

The players can customize their skin according to their desires. However, the game gives the characters cool skin that offers an eye-cache appearance. It is exciting for the players to change the face and skin of the character. The developer provides many skin tones and extra features for the players’ interest in the game. However, the players can change the character’s appearance as their style. The best thing in the game mini militia is that the payers can use their face instead of giving one. Therefore, the players can change their character’s face by the given option in mini militia.

How To Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face Customizing The Character

Game developers provide players with a wide variety of skin tones and many extra features for the game to appeal to them. The players, however, can customize the appearance of their character to suit their tastes. Players in Mini Militia can use their face instead of giving another’s instead of giving one of their own. The feature in Mini Militia allows players to change the overall looks of their characters.

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The Complete Process For How To Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face

The players can adjust the shape of the character’s face even though their eyebrow texture and mouth. The character displays a fantastic expression through these changes that discloses our reaction. Apart from that, there are many other options in the game. The players can change their character hairstyle with different accessories and change their beard styles. In addition, the players can dress their character according to their needs. 

  • You need to install the Apk editor Pro while changing the faces for the Mini Militia game. 
  • After the successful installation of the file. 
  • Open the file and enter it into the editor. 
  • Select the file name that you want to change
  • Then comes the three options for you to select. 
  • These are full edit, simple edit, and common edit. 
  • You need to select the simple edit option. 
  • In this option, you will be able to replace the file in general. 
  • When you have selected the option, then you need to enter it into the assets tab. 
  • Here you see files, fonts, HD, HDR, SD, and API Key. 
  • You need to select the HD option for fulfilling the requirement.
  • In this option, you would be able to see a lot of options available for you to edit. 
  • Try not to disturb other features. 
  • Enter into the Menu texture.PNG
  • When you click on the option, you will enter into this tab. 
  • Here you see a lot of PNG. Extensions and there are a lot of pictures and gifs are available.
  • Right before doing anything first you need to save the original file.  
  • Now come to the file manager option of your smartphone. 
  • Enter into the images tab
  • And from there, you need to search for the Apk editor folder 
  • After that, you need to edit the menu texture.png
  • Select the images and save them in the .png format. 
  • Now go to the apk editor format and Enter into the Menu texture.PNG. 
  • Here you need to click on the edit option and start editing the images that you have selected from the file manager. 
  • Now enter into the Mini Militia folder after clicking on the Menu Texture. 
  • There is an option of face change
  • Replace the edit feature for the game
  • Save the changes 
  • Let the file load and save the changes you have made to the game’s very core. 
  • After loading, there is a message that appears telling you the editor has successfully installed the features. 
  • Then click on the install button and let the party begin. 
  • Run the app and notice that changes you have made for the game are there for you to enjoy the game. 

Objects That You Can Change

In the moded version of the game, there are a lot of new and different dresses. However, in the game features of mini militia, many customized skins are available. Through this option available in customizing the mini militia skin, the players can make their character resemble them. The game also has features to rename their character with their custom name. The default name of the character in the game is NOOBIE. The players have to select unique character names.

Our friends can easily find us by changing the character name during the gameplay. However, different characters are found in the hacked version of mini militia. Many players play the game mini militia to unlock the additional characters given in the game. Therefore, the other way to show the character is to mirror the animated version of the game. 

The most exciting part of the game is to change and modify everything. However, the prominent point is that importance is given to customization options and that also considered, which makes the mini militia one of the best games. The players have to enjoy the game with their facial characters. The players have to follow the Mini Militia face change procedure.

The only difference is that the players have to place a different image in the present character. The players do the menu texture file and include the face they like. The player can add the face of many characters by cropping the image and fitting I to the given size. Now, the players have to save the file and replace it with the original.


In the conclusion section, we are about to conclude the article relating to How To Change Face Mini Militia Add Your Face. We hope you have got the same information you require and want to know about the exact features. And specifications for changing the very icon and faces of the characters according to your liking.

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