Golden Desert Eagle Damage Mini Militia

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Mini Militia is the most famous and widely played game over the internet. It is a highly addictive game that allows the players to enjoy the gameplay and get lost in the unlimited galaxies of action-packed strategy-driven gameplay. Golden Desert Eagle Damage Mini Militia is a gun that is being used during the gameplay with immense firing abilities. 

Golden Desert Eagle Damage Mini Militia

Weapons in Mini Militia

Despite being a very famous game, many people play Mini Militia. But what we will discuss here is the weapons available to players. In general, it’s difficult to rank or recommend weapons. It doesn’t matter what the situation is. Some combinations of weapons can make a big difference if you use them together. Here is a review of Mini Militia’s best five weapon combinations.

Golden Desert Eagle

There is nothing complicated about it. Players can choose between two types of pistol guns. The silver one comes in silver, and the golden one comes in gold. The default weapon in the game is the desert eagle. Unlike the desert eagle, players do not have to buy the pro pack. Players can, however, double-handedly shoot their enemies with the gun.

Best 5 Weapon Combinations In Mini Militia

Here are some of the best combinations for Mini Militia for you. With the help of this list, you would be able to extract more battle points and gain a strategic edge over your enemies in terms of fight, battle, strategy, and gameplay. 

Best Non-Pro Pack Combination

AK47 – Shot Gun


Best Defensive Combination

Shield- Uzi


Best Long Ranged Combination

Sniper- Rocket Launcher


Best Short-Ranged Weapon Combination

SMG-Shot Gun


Best All-Round Combination Ever

Sniper-Shot Gun


Let us discuss these combinations in detail for having a clear and perfect analysis.

Best Non-Pro Pack Combination

Designed to be a one-shot kill weapon that can instantly turn the entire game around. Includes 30 bullets, each of which can kill 30 enemies in a single shot. Keep still while you’re shooting. Pay attention to your targets. Shotguns have a concise range that can work against you sometimes.

AK47: Enjoy splendid 4x zooming features whenever you hold Ak47 in your hands. 

Shotgun: with this perfect gun, you don’t have to shoot another round. Only one shot is enough to kill the enemy. 

Best Defensive Combination 

Despite its usefulness, this weapon is underrated by many people. Protects you against everything but rocket launchers. The shield gives you the feeling of being immortal, whereas many people seek hacks to become immortal.

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Shield: is the ultimate cover from firings. But remember, it is not going to protect you from Bazooka and flame thrower. 

Uzi: a submachine gun that falls under the mid-range weapons in the mini militia game. 

Best Long-Ranged Combination 

Mini militias consider it among the most desirable weapons. Unlike other weapons, snipers can kill with one shot and have a long range. Sneaking up on a sniper is practically impossible without some kind of diversion.

Golden Desert Eagle Damage Mini Militia

Sniper: This gun has the ability to shoot enemies from quite a range. In addition, you can fire only a single bullet from it. 

Rocket launcher: is commonly known as Bazooka. All you have to do is aim and fire it at a location where you have your enemy in the target. And after that, there is nothing to worry about. 

Best Short Ranged Combination

Here are some of the best short-ranged combination that includes an SMG and a shotgun. With these guns, you have the power to eliminate your enemy within no time. 

SMG: this is a gun that is in short-range weapons. 

Shotgun: the shotgun only fires a barrage of bullets that kills your enemy instantly. 

Best All-Around Combination

When it comes to having the best combination of guns for perfect gameplay, here is the combination that the professional players love. 

Sniper: this gun falls under the long-range guns for clearing all the threats standing in your way. 

Shotgun: this gun belongs to mid-range or short-range guns. All you have to do is pull the trigger, and the rest is assured by it.

Some Things To Remember

Here are a few suggestions from our side in order to enjoy the maximum battle points and hitting range for eliminating your enemies. 

  1. Get a great view from a high spot
  2. Fly as little as possible
  3. Ensure your safety by staying on the ground
  4. Avoid shield-wielding players
  5. Other snipers should be avoided
  6. When you are new to the game, you are probably worse off with the sniper
  7. Sniper skills require patience and time
  8. Play the game and practice it regularly



Here in the conclusion section of Golden Desert Eagle Damage Mini Militia, we are going to close the discussion on this note. The weapons and guns allowed by the developers of the game to the players have a splendid impact, range, and firepower. With these ultimate guns, you can now have the best gaming experience by eliminating your enemies without any hassle. 

In addition, this game comes with a lethal combination of guns that are discussed in the previous section for you to consider. By applying these combinations of guns during the gameplay, you are going to enjoy it immensely.

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