Fix Most Common Mini Militia Problems

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There are many exciting features of the Mini Militia game. Mini Militia is the popular game of the era. As we all know, the players can play the mini militia game with their friends and family. This is a multiplayer game that allows the users and players to enjoy the overall modded features of the game. The players can play the game either offline or online. Moreover, this game allows the players to have unlimited and unrestricted access to the game.

Fix Most Common Mini Militia Problems

Introduction to Fix Most Common Mini Militia Problems

There are multiple Mini militia problems and ways to fix them to enjoy the game without any issues while playing this modded version. Apart from this, the Mini militia problems and ways to fix them are given. Therefore, after resolving the problems, the game becomes relatively easier and perfect for the players can win the game. Here is the list of the common problems that the players face while installing or playing the game.

  • Slow and lagging performance
  • Unfortunately stopped working
  • Game hangs multiplayer mode
  • Connection Lost
  • Login issues
  • Player not Found
  • General issues
  • Factory Data Reset

Let us discuss these issues in detail in the coming section of the article.

Fix Most Common Mini Militia Problems

Here is the list for the Fix Most Common Mini Militia Problems

Server list And Custom List

One of the most common problems is that the server list does not match the custom list. However, the players face this problem while playing the game. When the players play with their friends and family, their server list in the Custom mode does not match the other friend list. It occurs just because of differences in the version of the game on different devices. If the players want to take a similar list, they must download the exact version of the game as the other players have on their device. Additionally, the modded version of the game has these attributes as Free for all, Battlezone India, and India 2, Clan Matches, New Players, Battlezone US, and many more.


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Clear the Store and Data

The other main problem that the players face is to clear the collection of different data. However, most of the time, the players frequently request the app to manage basic essential functions. However, the save files changes created by the Android and IOS devices may get corrupted. Therefore, the players have to clear all their reserve data to manage the files effectively. The players can also do the same without any specific application. To solve this problem, players have to adopt the following steps: settings, app, locate the All tab, wait for the list to settle and find the game in the list and at the end, tap on a unique collection.

Move to internal memory

The other reason to move the data to internal memory is to resolve the device’s Slow and lagging performance. Due to speed, most of the applications require internal memory. Therefore, fetching the data from the internal memory CPU has to wait longer as we all know that SD cards are slower than internal memory. However, if the players want to move the application to an SD card, they must clear some space in internal memory and move it back.

Update The Application

One of the main problems that the players face is updating the application frequently to overcome the issue of crashing and unfortunately stopped working. Whenever the players do the download process, it might be possible to get many files disrupted. Therefore to get rid of this situation, the players have to reinstall the application. If the players install the application through a third-party website, it may cause interruption. Players must install the Mini Militia from the google play store or any ethnic website.


Compatibility Problem

The compatibility is the other main problem that arises because the Mini Militia has not been installed and crashing. The game mini militia requires a 3.0 honeycomb or above to play the game perfectly. Therefore if the Player’s device has a low capacity, then the device cannot support the game. When the players install the game, they have to take all needed permissions. However, when the device has Mega Mod with unlimited ammo, it creates a problem. 

Game hangs multiplayer mode

When the players want to play with their friends and family, it might be possible that the game hangs too often. The players float in the air during gameplay and do not die on shooting. After a few seconds, both the players die because of an internet connection. Therefore, if the players have Connection Lost, Login issues, Player not Found, the shoot command does not proceed, losing their points. Mini Militia requires a data rate of 20 kbps. 

Offline Multiplayer is incapable of presenting smartphones to handle and manage multiple devices. The solution to the issue is to shoot the Player enough to die. Therefore, after getting the connection and moving instantly to another location away from the spot. 

Reset App Preferences

The players have to Factory Data Reset their applications. As we all know, there are the default settings to disable the app notification and any permission restriction. The issue occurs due to connection loss or maybe login problems.


Modded features not working

Shortening modded versions of the game Mini Militia. The game’s developers readily attempt them. You might not be able to make use of all features and modded features of the game in that case. Obtain the newest versions by installing them from a reliable source. Read this article if you are interested in learning how to defeat and remove players with unlimited health.

Modded features not working

Server Issues during gameplay 

It’s not uncommon for you to see Trying server while playing quick play or customs in the game. A slow connection may cause you to see this message. Alternatively, if you aren’t experiencing a problem with the connection, you might want to change the APN settings on your phone. You cannot connect to other online Mini Militia players if the developers are maintaining the servers for the next major update.

Slow and lagging

You must navigate to the internal memory of your device right before installation. When you are playing mini Militia, it is slow and does not perform well. Then you must check the storage device and the amount of storage available for the players on their smartphones. You will have to make some room on your SD card to make the game run faster.

Lag issue

Mini Militia stopped working

We should be careful when downloading any app since it may malfunction and display such issues. These issues are common for the players who install the game from an unreliable source. Installing the application from any other resource might get you into trouble, and you will end up using a malfunctioning application. So it is essential to reinstall the application as the most effective way to fix it. Another reason could be that the update for the application wasn’t installed, and you need to do that to resolve the issue. Another reason why you should only install from legitimate websites is installing from third-party apps.

Mini Militia is not installing

It is recommended that you have an Android version with 3.0 or higher to play this game smoothly. For installing the different mods of Mini militia, you will need to know what Android versions are compatible with them. You cannot run it on your device if you have the lower version. And for your information and convenience, it is written on every source that this version of the game is suitable for specific versions of android-enabled smartphones. 

Developers tweaking

There are some hidden features in Android OS that are available to developers. We will take advantage of this feature to repair Mini Militia. Developers Options can be enabled by going to the Settings section in About Phone. You will need to scroll down to “Version” and tap on the developer options link until they are enabled.

Factory Reset

Factory resetting your smartphone will return it to its original settings and conditions when you first bought it. You can improve the performance of Mini Militia by backing up and resetting your device.

You will lose all your data when performing a Factory Data Reset, except for apps, photos, and music. Would you mind making a backup of your device before performing a Factory Data Reset?

Here are the steps for performing a factory reset:

  • You may want to backup your device.
  • By tapping the settings gear button, you can adjust your settings.
  • Navigate to “Personal” and tap on Backup & reset.
  • Tap the Reset Phone button after reading the instructions and crossing your fingers.
  • You can now play Mini Militia without lag after restarting the device.


How do I connect to mini Militia?

In the process of connecting to the Mini Militia server for playing the Mini Militia online. 

  • You need to launch the game on your android and iOS operating devices. 
  • Now tap on the Play Online button so that you can connect to the game.
  • Go to the custom game options for connectivity.
  • Join the server
  • Search for the appropriate room
  • You can do that by typing the name of the room
  • The minute you find the room you want to play
  • There is an icon letting you connect to the game.


We tried our best to bring you all the issues that are being faced by the players. And for that, Fix Most Common Mini Militia Problems allow you to become proficient in playing the game and overcome all the obstacles that are being faced by the players during the gameplay. The first and foremost thing that you need to have and understand is that you must install the game from a reliable source to enjoy its splendid features of the game. 

Moreover, the developers of the game are constantly working to make this game reasonable, approachable, and easy to play, and all the bugs and problems users face during the installation process, downloading process, and gameplay are reduced to the minimum. 

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