DMCA Disclaimer

Our platform adheres to the protective measures outlined in 17 U.S.C. §512, commonly referred to as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If you wish to report a copyright infringement on our website, please transmit a written notification that includes the following essential details:

  1. Authorized Signature: A physical or electronic signature of an individual authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder who claims that their exclusive rights have been violated.
  2. Copyrighted Work Identification: Clear identification of the copyrighted work that is alleged to have been infringed upon. In cases where a single notification pertains to multiple copyrighted works on a solitary online location, a representative list of these works should be provided.
  3. Infringing Material Identification: Precise identification of the material that is believed to be infringing or the subject of infringing activity. Additionally, furnish enough information to enable our service to locate the material in question swiftly. The inclusion of URLs within the body of your email is the most effective way to expedite the content identification process.
  4. Complainant’s Contact Information: Information adequate for us to reach the complaining party, including an address, phone number, and an available electronic mail address for communication.
  5. Good Faith Belief Statement: A statement by the complaining party affirming that they hold a sincere belief, in good faith, that the utilization of the material in the manner being protested is not sanctioned by the copyright holder, their agent, or the law.
  6. Accuracy Affirmation: A declaration that the details provided in the notification are accurate. Furthermore, under the threat of perjury, confirm that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright holder whose exclusive rights are allegedly being violated. (Please note that according to Section 512(f), individuals knowingly and substantially misrepresenting material or activity as infringing may be held liable for damages. To put it simply, refrain from making baseless claims!)

Subsequently, direct the infringement notification via email to [email protected].

By adhering to this process, you contribute to upholding the integrity of copyright protection and discouraging false allegations. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Muhammad Usman


The Mini Militia